Using Carpet Runners in Your Home

Narrow, rectangular-shaped strips of carpeting quite often are the first thing that your guests see when they enter your home. Runners provide the basis for their initial impression, and when strategically placed, invite guests to climb the stairs, travel through hallways, or enter other rooms within your home. Runners enhance the beauty and comfort of your living space, while also creating a stunning focal point for hallways, stairs, and busy areas of the home. Read More 

4 Reasons to Pick Open-Cell Instead of Closed-Cell Carpet Tile Backing for Your Office

Carpet tiles are excellent for offices, but you need to think long and hard about what kind of carpet tiles to use. You'll probably start by thinking about colour, design, and pile-depth, but one of the most crucial decisions is whether to opt for closed-cell backing or open-cell backing.  Here are just four reasons why open-cell backing is the way to go for your office. 1. Stays Looking Good Read More 

Signs Your Timber Floors Are Due For Professional Restoration

Hardwood floors are considered one of the most classic materials that you could choose for your home. It is no wonder that they carry a premium price tag, as they will add elegance to your space while also providing you with durable flooring. Nonetheless, despite the fact that hardwood gets better as it matures, it does not mean it is exempt from acquiring cosmetic damages. These surface imperfections become even more pronounced if you are not engaging in arduous maintenance to retain the pristine appearance of the flooring. Read More 

How to Keep Your Home’s Carpets Looking and Feeling Their Best

Carpeting is a great choice for homes with young children and especially babies, who may play on the floor and need something soft and comfortable underfoot. Carpeting also absorbs sound, so it's good for busy homes where you need some protection against the noise of foot traffic, televisions, dogs barking, and the like. Note a few tips you might consider, even before having new carpeting installed in your home, for keeping this flooring looking and feeling its best. Read More 

Dealing With Damaged Ceramic Kitchen Tiles

If you have tiled your kitchen floor with ceramic tiles, you will know that they look great. However, ceramic tiles can be damaged if heavy objects are dropped on them. This damage can take the form of scratches, dents or cracks. If the tiles on your kitchen floor have been damaged, you should check out the DIY repair guide below. Scratched Tiles If the tile has been slightly scratched, you should be able to repair it using nail polish. Read More